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Rhinoplasty: Improving the Look of Your Nose

Rhinoplasty: Improving the Look of Your NoseRhinoplasty: Improving the Look of Your Nose

Rhinoplasty is surgery that changes the shape of the nose. The procedure may be used to change the shape of the nose, or to improve breathing, or both.

There is no such thing as a perfect nose, however, rhinoplasty can enhance facial features and emphasize your unique beauty.

The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, which means there is no overnight stay. You may receive general, or local anesthesia. With general anesthesia, you will sleep through the operation. With local anesthesia, you will be sedated, and your nose will be numbed so you are relaxed and unable to feel the pain.

During the operation, the surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. In some cases, cuts are also made along the base of the nose. The surgeon then reshapes the bone and cartilage to produce a more pleasing appearance for your face.

After the surgery, you may wear a nose splint for at least the first week. You can expect swelling and some bruising around the eyes that should begin to improve after the third day. This will differ from patient to patient, and may last up to a few weeks.

You can expect your nose to have some swelling, which will continue to reduce during the following six months, or so. The final appearance and result of your rhinoplasty will be evident when all swelling is gone.

You will have to avoid all strenuous activity for three to six weeks following the surgery. You should be able to return to social activity after two to three weeks without any visible signs that you have had the surgery.

Before deciding on rhinoplasty surgery, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss your goals and how you would like for your nose to look. The surgeon will evaluate your nose and other facial features and will be able to tell you whether or not your expectations are realistic.

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