KybellaIntroducing Kybella, the revolutionary new injectable treatment for your unwanted double chin!

One of the most common—and most frustrating—“problem zones” we encounter is the development of a double chin, also known as “submental fullness” or “submental fat”. This unsightly fullness underneath the chin is caused by the accumulation of excess fatty tissue and may be the result of weight gain, the normal aging process, and/or your genetic background. Stubbornly resistant to elimination through diet and exercise, surgical liposuction was, for many years, the only way to address this pesky concern.

Now there is a better way to restore your sleek, sculpted chin and jawline! Kybella is the first injectable treatment approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of a double chin. Double Board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Landon McLain and his team of specialists at McLain Surgical Arts in Huntsville, AL now offers this non-surgical treatment for patients who are concerned about a double chin and who are seeking a safe and highly-effective treatment that will enhance their naturally beautiful, youthful appearance!


What Can Kybella Do For You?

Kybella targets excess fatty tissue that accumulates underneath the chin to cause the appearance of a double chin.

  • Restores a sleek, contoured chin and jawline
  • Eliminates excess fat cells under the chin permanently* and safely
  • Can be administered in 15-20 minutes per treatment
  • No anesthesia (some patients may request a topical anesthesia)
  • No downtime: patients can return to normal activities immediately
  • Most patients will require 2-6 treatments spaced one month apart for optimal results

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella injections work by destroying unwanted fat cells at the root of your double chin. And once those fat cells are gone, they can never return!* Kybella is a prescription-strength formulation of deoxycholic acid, a substance that is found naturally in your body in order to help remove dietary fat. When carefully and precisely injected directly into the fat cells underneath the chin, Kybella destroys the cell membranes. The fat cells burst and are painlessly and comfortably reabsorbed into the body. As the fatty tissue is absorbed, your chin regains its sleek, youthful appearance.

*Individual results may vary. Results are not guaranteed. Fat cells destroyed by Kybella cannot return. However, remaining fat cells under the chin can continue to grow and expand, so to ensure long-term results, it is critical to maintain a healthy diet and exercise and avoid weight gain.

Contact McLain Surgical Arts

If you are interested in learning more about Kybella and how it can address your unsightly double chin, please contact double Board certified cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Landon D. McLain and our team of specialists at McLain Surgical Arts, conveniently located in Huntsville, AL. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation today!