There are many considerations when choosing a surgeon for either oral/facial plastic surgery in Huntsville, AL. We know you have many choices in north Alabama, southern Tennessee and the surrounding areas, but we are sure that Dr. Landon McLain and his staff will meet or exceed your expectations for all procedures large or small. Whether you are interested in medical-grade skin care, breast augmentation, dental implant rehabilitation, rhinoplasty or orthognathic surgery, we want to ensure that you have a positive experience and a result that is second to none.

At McLain Surgical Arts, we want your entire experience to be pleasant and comfortable. If you would like to learn more about Dr. McLain or what to expect from your surgery, request a consultation online or call our office at (256) 429-3411. Dr. McLain draws oral and cosmetic surgery patients from Decatur, Birmingham and throughout our region.

Patient Forms

Consultation Process

At your initial consultation for oral & maxillofacial surgery or cosmetic procedures, you can discuss your goals for treatment with Dr. McLain. Plan to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to complete some registration and medical history paperwork. Some simple procedures may be performed on the same day if scheduled appropriately and if your medical condition does not require any consultations or clearances. For more invasive procedures, a pre-operative visit will be required. At this appointment, you can ask questions and receive consents, prescriptions and a detailed explanation of your procedure from Dr. McLain and his coordinators. Although you will receive specific and detailed instructions from Dr. McLain during your consultation and pre-operative visit, the following are some general rules to follow and expect:

  1. Patients should not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to surgery or sedation.
  2. Please arrive 20 minutes early to your appointment. If you are undergoing a surgical procedure at the surgery center, you will generally be asked to arrive 2 hours prior to your scheduled start time.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing that will button or zip up the front.
  4. Please refrain from wearing makeup and jewelry to the procedure. Clothing will be secured, but please bring a small overnight bag if you require an overnight stay at Crestwood.
  5. Continue on schedule with any medications you currently take, except for products such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory agents and vitamin E. We will provide a specific list of blood thinners that may cause excessive bleeding.
  6. Review the instructions for all prescribed medications carefully.
  7. Patients are asked to provide the name of their designated driver before undergoing sedation or entering surgery. Obviously, no patient will be allowed to leave without a proper attendant.
  8. Patients are required to have adult-supervised care for 24 hours after surgery.

Post-Op Process

The recovery process and duration will vary from patient to patient and will also depend on the procedure performed. Following anesthesia, patients are observed in the Post Anesthesia Recovery Unit (PACU) until discharge they meet criteria (generally 1 to 2 hours). Some procedures, such as orthognathic surgery or abdominoplasty, require an overnight hospital stay.

The day of the initial post-operative visit may vary depending on the type of procedure performed. Dr. McLain is always available by phone to answer questions throughout your recovery. Patients undergoing surgical procedures will be prescribed any necessary antibiotics and pain medication. Please remember to follow Dr. McLain’s recommendations and do not self -prescribe medications.

Complications from any procedures performed at McLain Surgical Arts are very uncommon. However, should a complication occur, please inform us as soon as you suspect any problems. Fortunately, most complications will have minimal to no effect on your final results if discovered early.