Breast Implants

One of the most basic decisions you need to take before your breast augmentation surgery is picking the breast implants. While size, shape and type of the implants are important, you also need to consider the implant profile. Breast implant profile refers to the kind of forward projection it will provide from the chest wall.

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Popular Breast Implant Profiles

Moderate profile implants

Moderate profile implants have a wide base and do not offer a lot of forward projection. They are flatter than other profile types, but offer the most natural looking breasts. They are suitable for women with regular-sized chests and shoulders. Discuss with your surgeon if you are a candidate for these implants for your breast enhancement plastic surgery.

Moderate plus profile implants

These are between moderate and high profile where forward projection is concerned. They have a slightly narrower base as compared to moderate profile implants. Women with these implants get a little extra fullness in their upper breast poles. The look is similar to wearing a permanent push-up bra.

Broad chested and wide framed women are suitable for these implants. They can fill out their breast dimensions without having to get excessively large implants. The implant looks natural in thin, flat chested women as well. However, size options may get limited in narrow chested women who may find the base diameter of the implant too wide.

High profile implants

High profile breast implants offer more enhanced forward projection. These implants have narrow base diameters and provide more fullness in the upper poles. This helps in creating extra cleavage. Breasts appear rounder and fuller in high profile implants, which are ideally recommended for women with narrow chest walls.

High profile implants offer more forward projection as compared to moderate profile implants. They have more anterior projection and provide dramatic results. They are best suited for women looking for rounder and forward projecting breasts that don’t necessarily need to appear natural.

Ultra-high or Extra-high profile implants 

Ultra-high breast profiles offer the least natural shape and appear the roundest. They have the smallest base diameters for creating excessive projection. There is superior upper pole fullness and more cleavage. However, the implants are not for everyone. They are suited for women desiring unnatural, projecting, and very large breasts.

Picking the Right Breast Implant Profile

Your cosmetic surgeon will consider several factors when helping you pick the right implant profile. They will evaluate the existing breast size and shape of your body first. They will also measure the existing width of your breasts. This is done to ensure the implants chosen provide the most natural-looking results.

Generally, surgeons recommend choosing a size marginally smaller than the existing width for natural appearing results. Choosing implants is personal decision. But you can use breast implant sizers at the surgeon’s office to better visualize the expected results from your breast augmentation cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Landon D. McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and nearby areas for breast enhancement.

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