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How much does Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Cost?

How much does Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Cost?Breast augmentation is usually performed as an elective surgery, and the costs will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, cost becomes a natural starting point for many women seeking this surgery. At the time of initial consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will explain about all aspects of breast augmentation, including its estimated sticker price.

Dr. Landon McLain is a double board certified cosmetic and oral & maxillofacial surgeon providing breast augmentation surgery. Dr. McLain and his team will guide the patient about the cost and insurance and financing aspects of the procedure. He provides breast augmentation to patients in Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and surrounding communities.


Fee Charged by the Surgeon

The fee charged by the cosmetic surgeon is a significant part of the overall cost of breast augmentation. The fee will differ depending on the expertise, experience and recognition of a surgeon in the area of cosmetic surgery. The patient should choose a surgeon with whom she feels comfortable, and who has an impeccable track record of surgical performance and strong credentials.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that patients should choose the best surgeon for their needs, and consider aspects such as the surgeon’s fee only as secondary factors. A committed surgeon will invest in advanced technology, ongoing education, latest safety protocols, and maintain the best standards of care.


Operating Venue Costs

If the surgeon plans to perform breast augmentation at a freestanding surgical facility, it should ideally be accredited ambulatory surgical center. Such facilities will maintain high quality and safety standards in order to maintain accreditation. But certified facilities may cost slightly more than a non-certified surgery room.

The surgeon may also offer the options of performing the procedure at a local hospital or a private surgical suite. The costs and benefits will vary in each case, and the patient should make a decision in consultation with the surgeon. Double board certified cosmetic and oral & maxillofacial surgeon Dr. McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and nearby areas for breast augmentation.


The Price Tag and Quality Equation

The monetary amount is never the singular determinant of quality because sometimes a well-qualified and experienced surgeon may charge lesser than a new or less experienced surgeon. But if the costs advised by a surgeon are unusually low, the patient should exercise more discretion while making a choice.

Some price quotations may not reveal certain expenses, which will be charged later, or they may be cutting corners on quality and safety in some way. The quality and type of implants, the type of anesthesia, and the costs of pre- and post-operative expenses should be considered carefully.


Insurance and Financing

Insurance coverage may only be available in exceptional cases where breast implants are a part of breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy. In other cases, the patients should explore various financing options.

Professional medical care finance companies offer low interest loans with quick approvals and convenient monthly installments of up to 60 months for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation.

McLain Surgical Arts is a leading cosmetic surgery practice headed by Dr. Landon D. McLain MD, DMD, FACS in Huntsville, AL. Dr. McLain is a double board certified cosmetic and oral & maxillofacial surgeon, offering a variety of procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift, Botox, and laser skin resurfacing. For more information or to schedule a consultation call 256.429.3411 or click here. Now taking patients from Huntsville, Scottsboro, Decatur, Madison, Athens, Florence, Cullman, AL and surrounding areas.

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