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Facial Rejuvenation for the 50+ Crowd

Facial Rejuvenation for the 50+ Crowd

If you have reached the age of 50, you’ve seen aging changes that require more than good skin care. This is a time in our lives when facial rejuvenation is a good thing to consider. Dr. Landon McLain is certified to perform these procedures that can take years off your face.

What is facial rejuvenation? It encompasses several procedures that may be done separately or in conjunction with one another. Among these are:


This is a type of surgery that corrects droopy eyelids and improves the appearance of the eyelids. Surgery can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids, or both. Eyelid surgery can treat:

  • Fatty deposits that appear as puffiness in the eyelids
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Loose or sagging skin on the upper eyelids
  • Drooping lower lids
  • Excess skin and fine wrinkles of the lower lids

Whether you want to improve your appearance or are experiencing functional problems with your eyelids, eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the area surrounding your lids.

Brow Lift

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift:

  • Improves frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Reduces wrinkle lines that develop horizontally across the forehead
  • Raises sagging brows that are hooding the upper eyelids
  • Places the eyebrows in an alert and youthful position

A brow lift is one step in helping rejuvenate the upper face.


A facelift is a surgical procedure that improves signs of aging in your lower face and neck. The procedure involves repositioning and removing skin, fat and muscle to achieve your desired result.

The loss of youthful contours in the face can be due to a variety of factors, including thinning of the skin, which happens as we age, loss of facial fat, sun damage, gravity, and smoking, as well as heredity and stress.

If you are ready for a new you and you want to look refreshed and rested, contact the South Huntsville office of Dr. Landon McLain. You can schedule a consultation with him about achieving a more refreshed appearance.

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