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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation RevisionBreast Augmentation Revision

The goal of breast revision surgery is to replace old breast implants with new ones. It may be done to change or improve the appearance of the breasts or while updating the implant material. Sometimes breast revision surgery may include a breast lift, or a breast reduction.

Breast augmentation revision is ideal for women who want to change the size of the implant, deal with any deformity issues, or restore their original appearance.

There are many factors that could cause your breast implants to differ from your original expectations or appearance. These factors could include changes to your breast tissue due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss or weight gain.

You may be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation revision based on such factors as:

  • Imaging has revealed a leak in your implant
  • You are experiencing implant deflation
  • Scar tissue is tightening around the implant
  • Your implants have shifted from their original position
  • You would like to change the size or shape of your implant
  • You have experienced weight loss or weight gain, and your breast tissue has changed

Over time, breast implants can leak or become malpositioned, and the overlying breast tissue can change, as well. This may create an appearance or feel to the breasts that is uncomfortable, or undesirable.

Many breast implants have a lifetime warranty on the actual implant device, but after ten years the costs to replace the implants are no longer covered. This is why many women may choose to replace their implants at or around the 10-year time frame.

Dr. McLain will discuss with you the best options for you and your body and whether breast augmentation revision is right for you.

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