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Liposuction Before And After Photos

Liposuction Before And After PhotosLiposuction is a safe, judicious, and remarkable fat reduction cosmetic surgery procedure designed to create enhanced contours and a sculpted figure. At the time of pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will explain various aspects of liposuction to the patient and may also present before and after photographs.

The first concern of a responsible surgeon will be to educate the patient about liposuction, and help them make an astute choice.

The surgeon will encourage the patient to review before and after photos carefully. Dr. Landon McLain of McLain Surgical Arts provides liposuction surgery to patients in Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and surrounding locations.

What are Liposuction Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of liposuction refer to a pictures belonging to a past patient who has been through the same procedure with a satisfactory outcome. The pictures includes images taken before the surgery and after the surgery at a stage when the post-operative swelling and bruising has been resolved and full effects of the surgery are visible.

The surgeon will take care to ensure that liposuction before and after photographs are obtained with the patient’s clear consent and presented before new patients in a discreet way. The patient’s identity may be kept confidential as per the standard norm.

The surgeon’s only goal in this exercise is to present an accurate picture of the procedure before new patients and help them understand its potential effectiveness.


For a major procedure such as liposuction, it is natural for a patient to be apprehensive about how their body figure will appear after the surgery, whether the results will be natural looking, and whether the procedure can meet their personal cosmetic goals. Some patients may only require limited fat reduction in one area, while some others may need more extensive fat removal in multiple sites.

In some cases, liposuction may be combined with a tummy tuck, body lift or other procedures for harmonious results. In each case, the patient can make better decisions when they have access to liposuction before and after photos.

This is because these pictures offer a level of clarity that people who use to have use outdated brochures to make a decision for anything would envy. With digital technology these images can be seen while someone sits at their dining room table or in their office at work.

These lipo pictures can be seen using the devices we already have and using the Internet we already pay for. Now a patient can have a much more positive consultation since they pretty much already know what to expect. This is better for everyone involved, including the patient and the surgeon such as Dr. McClain.

Keeping Reasonable Expectations

In any aesthetic procedure such as liposuction, a patient with reasonable expectations is more likely to achieve a better sense of satisfaction from the final results. Patients should know that liposuction is a fat reduction surgery, and not a weight loss procedure.

If the patient wants more pervasive body enhancements, they should discuss their needs and aspirations clearly with the surgeon. With liposuction surgery before and after photos, the surgeon can try to ensure that the patient knows exactly what the procedure can or cannot do for them.

Web Photo Gallery

A dedicated photo gallery section on the surgeon’s website can include liposuction surgery before and after photos which is certainly the case here with Dr. McClain’s website. Transparency is certainly taking place here and any patient can see what to expect from the fine work that is exhibited. This website provides free access to the photos to anyone who may be interested in this procedure (or any others for that matter).

As already explained, the breakthrough of digital technology across humanity has made life much better in a number of ways and patients of plastic surgery who use these websites to determine if a particular surgery is right for them certainly know it.  

If the surgeon is active on social media, they may also disseminate the photos through social networks for a wider exposure. The dignified Dr. Landon McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and other cities and communities in this sparkling section of the country for liposuction.

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