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Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Risks and Safety

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Risks and SafetyInnovations in surgical techniques over the years have made a body contouring procedure such as tummy tuck less invasive and less risky. However, some of the risks that are typically associated with any surgery are also integral to tummy tuck surgery. Therefore, it is vitally important for a candidate to know about the potential risks in order to make an informed decision.  

A committed surgeon will take care to educate the patient about all aspects of tummy tuck surgery, including the potential risks and side effects. The patient should weigh the risks against the expected benefits and then make a judicious choice.

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Potential Complications

Adverse Anesthesia Reaction

A major surgery such as tummy tuck will normally be performed using general anesthesia. To minimize anesthesia related risks, the anesthesia team will assess the patient’s medical records and determine their fitness for anesthesia.

A few patients may still have a poor response to anesthesia. General anesthesia will be performed by anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist who will remain present throughout the surgery to anticipate a reaction quickly and take corrective measures.


Blood Clot Formation

Some patients may have an existing tendency of clot formation, but even those without a history of clotting, may form a clot inside a blood vessel during the surgery. This can obstruct the blood flow, and in rare situations, the clot may travel to the brain, lungs or heart. This severe condition is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis.



The surgeon will choose an operating facility where completely sterile conditions for surgery are assured. This will mitigate the infection risks during the procedure. On their part, the patient should diligently adhere to the surgeon’s post-op recovery instructions to minimize infection risk. They should avoid exposure of incision sites to contamination and not submerge the site in water until the surgeon has allowed.


Slow Healing

Following tummy tuck surgery, the bruising and pain will usually resolve completely in four to six weeks, even though swelling will linger on for a longer time. However, for some patients, the overall healing process may be delayed, especially in cases where a full traditional tummy tuck has been performed, including muscle tightening.

Smokers have a higher risk of poor healing, and should avoid smoking for a specified time period before and after the surgery as advised by the surgeon.


Unfavorable Scarring

Although some degree of scarring is unavoidable in a tummy tuck surgery, but in a few cases, the scars may be more apparent due to a variety of factors. Dr. McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and other communities and cities in this part of the American southeast for tummy tuck surgery.


Safety Information

The complication rate in tummy tuck surgery is under five percent, according to an ASPS survey report. Infection risks are most common in this surgery, while rare complications include hypoxia, fluid accumulation, hypotension, and pulmonary dysfunction.

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