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Laser Hair Removal

shutterstock_125384789Laser hair removal is a highly effective medical procedure to get rid of unwanted hair. It is important that the procedure must be performed by a trained professional only. Dr. Landon D. McLain is fully equipped to provide laser hair removal and other non-surgical aesthetic solutions.

Important points for a patient to remember while planning to undergo laser hair removal is to stop other hair removal treatments such as waxing, plucking, and electrolysis for at least a period of six weeks prior to treatment. This will ensure that the hair roots remain intact for long-term removal through laser. Sun exposure should also be avoided even before treatment for about six weeks.

Choosing the Right Medical Spa

The patient should choose the most appropriate medical spa that is reputed and reliable for advanced hair removal procedures involving laser technology. Ideally, the med spa must be led by an experienced physician who has thorough knowledge and training in the area of laser hair removal.

The actual procedure may be performed by a medical assistant or licensed nurse, but this must be done under a doctor’s supervision who should be available on-site during the treatment sessions.

Initial Consultation

Prior to the laser hair removal treatment, the initial consultation process will usually include the following:

  • The doctor will review the patient’s medical history, including any current use of medications.
  • The doctor will discuss the potential benefits and risks, and try to ensure that the patient has realistic expectations from the laser procedure.
  • The doctor may show before and after photos of previous patients, and also take the patient’s photos for long term review and before and after assessments.

During the initial consultation, the patient should discuss the treatment plan, estimated recovery time, and the estimated costs of the procedure. The procedure is usually not covered under health insurance.

Preparation before the Procedure

Just before the procedure is set to begin, the patient’s hair in the targeted areas will be trimmed to a few millimeters over the skin surface. The laser expert will adjust the equipment in accordance with the color, thickness, and location of the hair that will be treated. The color of the skin will also be taken into account to adjust the laser equipment. Appropriate eye protection may be provided to the patient, depending on the laser or light source used.

The treatment provider will also protect the outer layers of the skin with a special cooling device or apply a cold gel. Multiple laser treatments will usually be required to achieve the desired aesthetic results. The patient will have to avoid direct sun exposure consistently during the entire period of treatment to ensure that the skin does not receive any sun damage. This is not the time to go to the beach on a sunny day!

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