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Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant RemovalWhile deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery, chances are that a woman or the patient may not consider that one day the breast implants may need to be removed. 

However, many women with breast implants might later decide to have them removed. Lifestyle changes, a breast cancer diagnosis, or experiencing complications such as capsular contraction can be a few reasons for seeking breast implant removal. This situation is certainly not the rarest thing in the world. 

McLain Surgical Arts, led by Dr. Landon D. McLain, provides breast implant removal to patients in Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and surrounding locations.

What is breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal surgery is a procedure that reverses breast enhancement. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the breast implant or revises their size or shape. 

Many women who have received breast implant surgery will need another breast revision procedure at some point. These procedures include:

  • Implant removal and replacement with new implants
  • Repositioning of the existing plants
  • Removal of the implants without replacement

In case a patient has had complications with her breast implants (including infection or capsular contracture), the cosmetic surgeon may recommend the removal of the breast implants.

Who is breast implant removal surgery appropriate for?

Women usually choose to have their breast implants removed for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Implant complications: Complications related to breast implants include implant rupture, folding, or deflation (if the implants comprise saline).
  • Personal decision: Some women may feel that their breasts implants are the wrong shape or size. The implants may have shifted from the original position over time because of weight loss, weight gain, or pregnancy.
  • Other complications: Capsular contracture, tension bands asymmetry, leakage of silicone, displacement, and infection.

What does breast implant removal surgery involve?

Breast implant removal surgery is performed using general anesthesia and usually takes between one and three hours to complete. The patient may be able to return home on the day of the surgery itself, depending on her recovery. 

Following are the three most commonly used breast implant removal surgery techniques:

Breast Implant Removal Only

The surgeon will make incisions in the same site as where the incisions were placed for the original breast surgery. In case the patient experiences capsular contracture, the surgeon will remove the hardened capsules to expedite the healing process. 

Breast Implant Removal with a Breast Lift

The cosmetic surgeon may perform a breast lift along with breast implant removal in case the breast skin has been stretched or sags. They will remove any excess breast skin and tighten the breast tissue for stronger support. At times, the breast surgeon may also re-size the areolas to better fit the new shape of the patient’s breast. 


If the breast implants are saline, the cosmetic surgeon may decide to deflate them without undertaking surgery. This procedure can be performed in-office under local anesthesia. Depending on the results of this deflation, the patient may need further surgery, including a breast lift or a breast implant replacement surgery.

What is the recovery process after breast implant removal surgery?

Most women are able to resume work in around one week after the surgery and report minimal discomfort after the procedure. If the patient has had breast implants removed due to capsular contracture or combines it with a breast lift, she might experience a little more post-operative discomfort and a relatively longer recovery.

Dr. Landon D. McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and nearby areas for breast implant removal surgery.

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