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Common Types of Oral Surgeries And What You Can Expect

Common Types of Oral Surgeries And What You Can ExpectThe treatment of various conditions may involve oral surgery. Your surgeon will share some insights to help you make a suitable decision and help you prepare mentally and physically for the oral surgery.

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Types of Oral Surgery

Some of the most common types of oral surgeries and what patients can expect when they visit the surgeon’s office for the procedure are as follows:


The Impact on Wisdom Teeth

The last teeth to develop are these third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. For many people, these teeth may grow without causing the patient any problems.

However, these teeth either do not completely erupt or are not properly aligned. This happens all too often. This may lead these teeth to become squeezed between the jawbone and the gums. This condition will also impact the health of the surrounding teeth.


Dental Implants

The surgeon will implant a metal post into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. Over time, this implant will fuse into the gum tissue and bone. This forms a robust foundation to hold a realistic-looking artificial tooth, or crown. Dental implants are a suitable option for people with tooth loss who are seeking a sustainable treatment option.



If the patient has a lesion in their mouth that appears suspect, they will need a biopsy to check for oral cancer. The surgeon will excise a tiny piece of tissue and send it to the lab for evaluation.


Jaw Surgery

If a person’s jaws are misaligned, it can lead to issues not only with appearance but functional problems as well. The patient will usually require surgery to address this issue and restore function to the jaws.


Sleep Apnea

In case conservative therapies do not help patients with serious sleep apnea, the oral surgeon can eliminate excess tissue from the back of the throat to improve the patient’s sleeping situation significantly.


Reconstructive Surgery

Facial injuries and missing teeth can make it challenging to perform even normal functions such as eating. These surgical procedures replace knocked-out of damaged teeth, address jawbone and gum damage, and treat jaw joint problems.



Prior to the surgery, the oral surgeon will provide the patient with a detailed treatment plan. They will also explain the anesthesia options to them and encourage them to ask any questions that they may have about their surgery. A majority of surgeries are done under general anesthesia to make sure that the patient remains comfortable during the procedure.



There will be a recovery period with oral surgery, similar to any surgical procedure. If the patient is under general anesthesia, they will not be able to drive themselves home after the procedure.

In these types of cases, the patient should arrange for someone to drive them back home as they will feel tired and groggy. The surgeon may prescribe painkillers to manage the pain associated with the recovery. They will also provide a comprehensive do’s and don’ts for after the procedure.


Summing Up

There are many conditions in which the treatment involves oral surgery. While no one relishes undergoing surgery, sometimes it is the only way to ensure optimal oral health.

The patient will receive a comprehensive treatment plan before their oral surgery. The dentist will explain the anesthesia options to make sure that the patient feels little or no discomfort during the surgery.

The patient will have to undergo the recovery period after the surgery. Many of these surgical procedures warrant the use of painkillers after the surgery to reduce recovery-related pain. Therefore, the patient should arrange for someone to drive them home after their oral surgery.


Dr. Landon D. McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and nearby areas for oral surgery.
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