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Breast Revision Cosmetic Surgery Risks and Safety

Breast Revision Cosmetic Surgery Risks and SafetyBreast revision cosmetic surgery may be required in a situation where the patient needs to have her breast implants replaced or removed due to damage or change of her personal preferences. Breast revision surgery will have some risk of complications, just like any other surgical procedure.

Patients should know that breast revision can often be a more intricate procedure than the primary breast implant surgery. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Landon McLain of McLain Surgical Arts provides breast revision surgery to patients in Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and other towns and suburbs in this part of the southeast.


Surgical Complications

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss the potential risks and complications of breast revision surgery with the patient. The patient should be prepared to follow the surgeon’s pre- and post-op care instructions to minimize the risks. Key complications may include:

  • Bacterial infection
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic outcome


Breast Implant Removal Risks

Breast implant removal is usually a simpler procedure, but may have to be combined with breast lift to create desirable results. Major complications that a patient may experience in rare cases after breast implant removal include:

  • Loss of sensation or altered sensation in the nipple area
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring

The breasts are not likely to look identical to what they did before breast implant surgery. Some deformity and sagging of the breast tissue may occur, particularly in case of large implants. In such case, a breast lift performed in conjunction with breast removal surgery can eliminate the unwanted aesthetic results.

In some cases, a patient may feel that her natural breasts after implant removal have become smaller than what she remembers about her original breasts. This could occur because of weight loss or hormonal changes that occurred when the patient had a primary breast implant surgery. Patients should have reasonable expectations from breast implant removal surgery to achieve satisfactory results.


Breast Implant Replacement Risks

Risks involved in the primary breast augmentation procedure are also usually involved in case of breast implant replacement. Rare complications may include:

  • Implant rupture
  • Implant rippling
  • Shifting of implant from its position
  • Capsular contracture
  • Change in sensation of the breast

In case a woman has chosen larger sized implants for her breast revision procedure, she may experience additional discomfort as her body takes some time to adapt to the new implants. The procedure for placing larger sized implants than the original implants will also involve more invasive surgery.

The surgeon may have to create a new breast pocket to accommodate the larger sized implants. The placement position of the implants may also change. These can slightly increase the risk of complications.

A patient should clearly know that any breast revision surgery will carry some risk. Therefore, the ideal approach would be to get the breast implants replaced only when they present some complication, or when the woman wants to change the size of her breasts.

The judicious and caring Dr. Landon McLain receives patients from Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and other cities and communities in the fine state of Alabama for breast revision surgery.

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